About us

Who Do These Guys Think They Are?
First things first, if we at AOMD weren't throughly versed in protocol and "biker ethics" we wouldn't dare embark on this journey to embody the outlaw biker lifestyle through our products.
Rest assured we are who we say we are; bikers (lone wolves), MC patch holders, veterans, and most importantly, founded by outlaw club members. How else could we respect ourselves with such a boldly named brand if we didn't walk the walk? We understand the MC world, we respect protocol, adhere to it, and could care less about what society has to say.
Lone Wolf? Outlaw? Makes No Sense...
Well what makes an outlaw biker? We know what makes an outlaw club, anti-AMA sanctions, non-higher motorcycle organization umbrella submissions, blah blah blah...
But who are we to call a lone ranger a conformer?
A solo rider can be just as much of a rebel as an OMC patch holder, which brings us to why we are here...
This outlaw thing  we do is a lifestyle choice, not a weekend hobby, not a title held for the "cool guy" factor, but a mindset of the most liberating form of freedom. Doing what we want, when we want, how we want, and we dare anybody bold enough to try to stop us from doing it. Last time we checked that kind of mentality didn't come attached to rags or with a club name, it comes from the individual who lives and breathes it. 
That Being Said
At the Depot we want to bring the traditional values back while paying homage to the ones who paved the way. We want to look how we feel and continue to preach what we practice. Society wants to label every damn biker as an outlaw, simply because they ride. The real ones know that simply having a motorcycle doesn't cut it. The real ones who live the outlaw lifestyle, accept the name, we embrace it, and we wear it on our sleeve, literally, so that the sheep of society can run and hide when they see us coming.